“Terror” Only Happens in London

So far as the British media’s concerned, Palestinian suicide bombings, shootings, and knife attacks in Israel are never acts of terror. And the people responsible for the blood and mayhem are never terrorists.

The nine-letter word of choice is militants.

But when a British soldier is hacked to death by Muslims in the streets of London — right outside his barracks — UK media uses the six-letter T-word. And correctly so.

But if the same incident were to happen in, say, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, you can be sure these headlines would be vastly different. After all, terror only happens in London. These screen-grabbed headlines speak for themselves.

The Guardian

The Independent

Sky News

Times of London

Channel 4

Irish Times

At least the BBC showed a little consistency with a mealy-mouthed qualification of “suspected terror.”


One thing we can take away from this horrible incident is that at least the British media acknowledges that terror exists.

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