Tell CNN that its headline — labeling a major terrorist attack in Jerusalem as a “bus fire” —  was unacceptable.


What is astonishing is that by the time the headline was published, CNN had already tweeted that the police were calling it a terrorist attack.

Headlines make a huge impact and there is no excuse for any media outlet to publish an inaccurate headline without double checking with the latest from their own reporters.

Please join us in a letter to CNN President Jeff Zucker:

Dear Mr. Zucker:

On April 18, there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. According to Israeli police, a terrorist blew up a public bus in Jerusalem, resulting in 21 innocent people being injured, some severely. CNN tweeted very quickly that the Israeli police were calling it an attack. Yet, hours after CNN sent the tweet, the headline at CNN.com was still “Jerusalem bus fire injures at least 21, police say.” Despite the latest information from CNN reporters on the ground, CNN.com changed the headline only the next day, after being contacted by HonestReporting.

How can CNN publish an inaccurate headline hours after tweeting what the police were really saying? Why aren’t those responsible for the headlines checking with what the reporters are saying before publishing?

We call upon you review the facts, acknowledge the problem, and take the appropriate steps to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.

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Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90