The Broken Clock Logic of Palmer’s Rejectionists

Just as a broken clock is still correct once a day, it’s safe to say that the UN will vindicate Israel once in a blue moon. But as I read The Guardian’s staff-editorial on the Palmer report, you can imagine the editors vainly trying to wind up a broken clock to suit their reality:

The Palmer panel’s finding went against every statement the UN secretary general has made about Gaza, the Goldstone report and a report by the UN human rights council in September. If, as Palmer found, the siege is legal in international law, the occupation is too. This must be challenged in court.

Jennifer Rubin explains why Turkey and Palestinian apologists like al-Guardian are threatened by the Palmer report’s findings:

Not only is this an implicit repudiation of the premises of the Goldstone Report (which, in Operation Cast Lead, portrayed the Israelis as aggressors and Gazans as victims), but it is a powerful argument against granting the Palestinians their request for a declaration of statehood. The government of that new state is co-run by the very terrorists described in the flotilla report as waging war on Israel.

(Image courtesy Flickr/magnoid)