The Independent: Any Excuse to Attack Israel

Like many other newspapers, The Independent is running a series of articles looking back at the year’s news and events. Unsurprisingly, the death of Nelson Mandela warrants an article. Here’s a screenshot:


The subhead reads:

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel claimed that he couldn’t afford the trip. His absence reminded us of Israel’s closeness to the apartheid regime

From this, you might well deduce that this is a dedicated anti-Israel article. In fact, Israel is mentioned in the tenth paragraph out of twelve and Netanyahu but one of a number of dignitaries who did not attend the Mandela funeral.

So why then promote the article with an anti-Israel subhead when it bears so little relevance to the actual focus of the story? Does The Independent believe that demonizing Israel is a good way to increase page views?

Or is this just another example of the irrational obsession with Israel in parts of the British press?

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