The MidEast PR Machine: From Assad to the Palestinians

However, before writing off Iran as a rank amateur in the field of propagandist sophistry, it is worth noting that the regime has found a way of getting its message across in a far more subtle manner. Iranian funded Press TV, recently removed from the UK’s airwaves, tries to sell itself as a credible media outlet, all the while manipulating the viewer to see the world and Israel through the distorted lens of Iranian anti-Western doctrine.

Recent events in the Arab world, in Egypt, Libya and Syria, have rightly led the Western media to actively question the statements coming from the regimes in charge. Why then is there a moral blind spot when it comes to Israel?

Is Israel really equally capable as the Syrian regime of shelling a hospital or indiscriminately bombing civilians? The propagandists say yes, but sober analysis proves beyond doubt that that is false.

Why are official Israeli statements treated in the same way as the wholly untrustworthy statements of its corrupt Arab neighbors? And why do Palestinian spokespeople get a free pass with the media when it comes to making dubious and sometimes outrageous claims against Israel?

Or is it just that Israel’s enemies understand the audience better than we do?

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Image: CC BY-SA, flickr/laverrue, flickr/FreedomHouse.