The Untold Story: Palestinians in Palestinian Jails

Tim Marshall

Credit to Tim Marshall of Sky News who consistently analyzes Middle East issues with an expert eye and the rare ability to put stories into a proper perspective. While so many in the international media tend to focus on Israel alone, Marshall is not afraid to ask difficult questions of the other side as well.

This from his Sky News blog:

The death of another Palestinian in Israeli custody has quite understandably generated headlines in many countries, including Israel.

It is the subject of questions in the Israeli parliament, and debate about Israel’s human rights record.

Contrast this with a subject which rarely gets headlines, and which fails to spark debate; the conditions of Palestinians in Palestinian jails. Few people speak for them, their fate does not generate demonstrations or agonised debate, nor righteous anger in the outside world.

For ordinary Palestinians, demonstrating against Israel can be inherently dangerous as they often end up confronting Israeli troops, but it does not bring them into conflict with their own government, and that bring us to the untold story.

Palestinians are well aware that few people will stand up for them if they are taken into the police stations and prisons run by the Palestinian authorities in either Gaza or the West Bank. They know that torture in these establishments is routine and that deaths in custody occur there as well.