The Year In Photos?

The Associated Press has released its Year in Photos 2003, the agency’s annual photo essay that aims to summarize the year’s news and most dramatic moments.

Of the 130 photos chosen, six addressed human suffering in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  All six were of Palestinians:

Remarkably, AP chose no pictures of Israeli terror victims to include in their yearly roundup. (The only Israeli civilian included was a worshipper at the Western Wall.) Here are links to powerful AP photos of Israeli victims that were somehow “overlooked” in the yearly summary:

Aug. 19: Jerusalem bus bombing

Oct. 4: Haifa restaurant bombing

Sept 9: Cafe Hillel bombing (Pictures from ‘We Should Not Forget’)

The AP photo essay characterizes Palestinians as the victim in the conflict. This editorial decision distorts the human cost that the conflict exacted this year on both sides, and completely ignores the root cause of all this suffering: Palestinian terrorism.

HonestReporting encourages subscribers to write to AP, requesting an explanation for their one-sided photo essay.

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UPDATE:The Associated Press later added a picture from the Dec. 25 suicide bombing near Bnei Brak. View the updated version here.

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.