Tired of Seeing Israel Slammed in the Media?

Make an Impact with HonestReporting

Why is the struggle for media fairness so important? The media sways public opinion, which directly affects foreign policy towards Israel.

The Photo That Started It All: Read the Full Story

HonestReporting was formed in 2000 to respond to unfair coverage against Israel in the wake of the second Intifada. Since then, it’s prompted hundreds of corrections and retractions in the media. Stay informed on all media issues by signing up to HR’s mailing list (see below). Highlights of what you’ll get include:

  • Weekly media bias alerts such as our recent campaign against The Guardian’s anti-Semitic response to the Gilad Shalit swap. The Guardian subsequently issued an apology.
  • Defending Israel Against Claims of Excessive ForceMultimedia presentations. Our slide show on defending Israel against claims of excessive force was viewed more than 85,000 times.
  • 2011 Dishonest Reporter AwardsSpecial features such as HR’s annual Dishonest Reporter Award highlighting the worst cases of media bias throughout the year. The Guardian was the ignoble winner of the award for 2011.

One person alone may not impact this struggle, but thousands united can!

Sign up for our weekly mailing and join more than 150,000 others demanding fair media coverage for Israel. Don’t be left behind.

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