Top 5 Arguments Against Israeli Apartheid Week

With the arrival of March comes the ever-popular Israeli Apartheid Week on many college campuses. But with the Arab world engulfed in mass protest against tyranny from within, one might expect organizers to focus on real human rights issues that demand real attention. But the dogged determination to continue pointing fingers at Israel regardless of how much it distracts from those in need of aid reveals the baseless hatred at the heart of the events.

Arguing against Israeli Apartheid Week usually requires contextualization and definition. But this year, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Top 5 arguments against Israeli Apartheid Week:

1. Debunk the new radical chic. Originally, the term referred to uppity whites who backed the Black Panthers just to associate with real radicals. Today, that same mindless support for the “other” has moved to the Palestinian cause.

2. Expose hypocrisy of condemning Israel when we know there are far worse abuses going on in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, etc…Even if Israel had met every single condition from the Palestinians, it would not help the Libyans or Egyptians one bit. How do you claim you support the struggle for democracy then work to undermine the Middle East’s only democracy?

3. There is no Israel apartheid.

4. It glosses over real challenges Arabs in Israel may be facing. Instead of looking for ways to improve conditions for real Palestinians, IAW protestors are content to make a sweeping, false, and empty gesture.

5. If the Palestinians had not squandered the ten month building freeze, or the offer at Camp David, or the Oslo Process, or forgone the Three Nos, etc, etc, etc… they would already have a state of their own. The Palestinians are famous for never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Apparently, their supporters are the same.