Victims of stone-throwing

Last week we issued a communique on the media’s misrepresentation of the dangers of Palestinian ‘stone-throwing’.

We received this personal account of a harrowing stone-throwing assault from an HR reader:

I went through this “stone throwing” stuff myself in late November
1998 !!

We had gone back and forth to Jerusalem 4 different times but there were a few things I hadn’t seen. This little car that we were renting usually had my son driving with me also in the front. My husband, daughter and youngest son rode in the back. This day as we were going to Jerusalem it was just my son driving and me, with no one in the back seat.

As we were coming around the Damascus Gate we got caught in traffic and there were police on horseback. Lots of people on the sidewalks and there seemed to have been trouble sometime before we got there with broken glass all around. We couldn’t go anywhere but stay in this traffic !! Then, all of a sudden we had something go through our rear window and brush the side of my head. It scared me very much.

One of the mounted police men sent us to the police department to file a report. While we were
waiting, several other people came there after being hit, a tour bus with women and children, a taxi cab, and several other cars. What came into our car was not just a “stone” but a slice of some concrete block. If any of my family were still travelling with me in the back of our car, they would have gotten hurt. As it was I just got brushed by this block slice. The police then sent me to the hospital for a check- up.

We still didn’t know why it happened but then the news told us that there were protest in several cities by “Moms” holding their loved ones pictures wanting Israel to release ALL their people from Israeli jail !!!!!!!! So, as usual, their young folk( and not so young) “throw stones” at people and cars that are not bothering them and seems to be promoted by their elders.!!!!!!!!!!

I was so upset by this that I called the White House up after I got home. I don’t know if I gave the correct department this information but I , too, know that these “stone throwers” are not just little kids
throwing a little pebble like some media stories I have read…..I still feel like calling the White House again with how I feel. I am an American who was just visiting.

I am a Christian who believes very much in Israel and know she has been having a hard time in the news. The world thinks, oh these “poor little “stone throwers” who are being treated harshly by Israel( stones can hurt and kill and even bigger things are being thrown). Anyway, I love to collect little
rocks from my travels, so my son gave me that slice of concrete block to add to my collection since it had alot of little stones in it !!!! Thanks for the opportunity to share this.

D.V., Illinois, U.S.A.

Were you ever victimized by Palestinian stone-throwing – a side of the story that rarely receives media attention? If so, please tell your story in an email to