What Did Channel 4’s Jon Snow Imply With This Tweet?

Jon Snow is the presenter of the UK’s Channel 4 flagship news program. After the tragic downing of Malaysia flight MH17 over Ukraine, he tweeted the following:



Unfortunately it is far too similar in sentiment to tweets such as this:



The shocking event in Ukraine has fueled the usual contemptible anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. It is highly unlikely that Jon Snow subscribes to these conspiracy theories even if he has demonstrated a particularly hostile attitude towards Israel. Even more reason, therefore, that he shouldn’t be giving oxygen to this sort of disgusting nonsense.

What, however, is Snow implying when he writes of “providing cover?” While it is legitimate to point out that the Malaysia airline disaster may have pushed Israel’s Gaza operation off the front pages, Snow’s turn of phrase implies that Israel has something to hide from the media. Israel has nothing to hide and has been open and transparent concerning its reasons for a ground operation and providing the media with credible information.

Either way, Snow should apologize for his ill-thought tweet. In the context of conspiracy tweets spreading around Twitter, Snow needs to be more careful how he, an experienced newsman, expresses himself.

And while we are on the subject, take a look at Snow’s appalling treatment of Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev in a recent interview.



You can email the Channel 4 newsroom and demand an apology – news@channel4.com


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Image: CC BY HonestReporting, flick/Chatham House