W&M’s Impact on Britain

Uk_parliamentDon’t think Walt and Mearsheimer can have a negative impact on Britain? Dave Rich comments on the pair’s UK book tour:

The problem on this side of the Atlantic is that British politics lacks anything approaching the American system of openly declared political lobbies; a similar, AIPAC-style operation in Westminster would not just influence policy, it would also subvert fundamental democratic mechanisms. . . .

Those who assume that Zionism has a global reach and unlimited power cannot but assume that what they now “know” – thanks to Mearsheimer and Walt – is done in Washington must have its equivalents in London, Paris and elsewhere.

So the might of Jewish organizations is inflated, conspiracies imagined, to fill the gap between the reality of a Jewish community trying to do its best for Israel, and the fantasy of politicians and prime ministers bowing their knee to the power of the almighty Lobby.

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