Yet Another Edition of “It All Started When Israel Fired Back”

Yet another edition of inverted chronology from the wire services. Reuters is a textbook example of what we call the “It All Started When Israel Fired Back” phenomenon.


If there’s any doubt who’s to blame for the latest violence, Reuters further writes:

The strikes threatened to end an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, a truce that has kept the frontier relatively quiet since November . . .

But as you read on, you learn that the IDF strikes were in response to earlier Palestinian rocket fire.

Now that isn’t something that would threaten a cease fire, is it?

At least the Associated Press showed how to do it right.


The Reuters coverage follows a familiar pattern whereby the emphasis placed on Israeli responses to Palestinian terror create the impression of Israel as an aggressor deploying “disproportionate force.”


Meanwhile, “irksome” is the initial annoyance you get when you’re puttering around the house in comfortable socks and unexpectedly step in your toddler’s puddle of spilled water. But what can you do? Kids will be kids.

Irksome is not a feeling Israelis — or anyone else — would associate with rocket fire. Sorry, CNN.


Nothing that a little Valium can’t fix, right?

The steady drip of projectiles has irked the Jewish state, which Tuesday conducted its first airstrikes into the Palestinian territory since the cease-fire that ended eight days of raging hostilities in November.

(Hat tip: email from Israeli Grouch)

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