Following Up On the Swedish Blood Libel


Donald Bostrom continues defending his blood libel. The Swedish journalist was quoted in the Jerusalem Post:

Apologize for what?" he said. "I am just referring to what other people are telling me."

"What other people tell me" is unverified gossip; it is not what's called "news," and certainly not the basis for the double-page splash Aftonbladet gave Bostrom's screed.

Meanwhile, Tundra Tabloids rounds up furious Swedish media and blogger reactions to Aftonbladet. Among the items he raises:

According to the TT's main source, Reinhard, "Both the MSM and the blogosphere are out opposing this. Again, the liberal/right is taking the Left to task for its anti-Semitism. Also the Dagens Nyheter, the other Swedish daily: notes that Boström (Aftonbladet journalist) has previously attacked the Israeli army with the same accusations but has never been able to prove anything. He's the editor of the peace book, Salam: On War, Peace and Islam (Arena, 2007). So the Swedish Muslim "peace movement" lets a dedicated anti-Semite edit its anthology about the Islamic message of peace.

Mats Skogkär, who wrote the piece in Sydsvenskan, wrote in 2005 that Boström's previous allegations were based on what relatives of killed Palestinians had told him. He admitted this in a telephone conversation with Skogkär, and agreed that it was peculiar that the Palestinians didn't show any interest in investigating further."

TT also links to other Swedes blogging the fallout.