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G1 e o Conto do Palestino que Passeava com uma Faca

G1 e o Conto do Palestino que Passeava com uma Faca

Após exigência de correção feita pelo HonestReporting com a ajuda de nossos seguidores, o G1 corrigiu a sua matéria. A nova manchete cita que o palestino foi morto por sua ação contra o agente israelense, e a notícia cita que o palestino não somente apontou a faca, mas partiu em agressão contra o agente. Confira:  


Reuters Belly-Flops on Fact-Checking

UPDATE The Jerusalem Post fact-checked Tablet and Reuters on whether or not the Palestinians have Olympic-sized swimming pools by sending reporters to the West Bank to get a first-hand look. Highlighting a problem with Palestinian sources, the Post writes: All claimed to be the “largest in the West Bank.” All claimed to be used regularly


Defining Bias #1: Misleading Terminology

Part one of an eight-part series explaining The 8 Categories of Media Bias. Violation #1 Misleading Definitions and Terminology Prejudicing readers through language. Language is too often used to promote an agenda. The media must exercise caution when consciously choosing to adopt (or avoid) certain terms, proper nouns, or foreign words. George Orwell articulated the potential