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7. Conquest Arising from Defensive Action in Contrast to Conquest by Aggression

7. Conquest Arising from Defensive Action in Contrast to Conquest by Aggression

[PART 7 OF 7: PREVIOUS] In examining and giving his approval to the text of the Resolution 242, US Secretary of State Williams Rogers is reputed to have commented that the changes in the 1949 Armistice lines should be (1) “insubstantial alterations required for mutual security” and (2) that they “should not reflect the weight of

4. Subsequent Outcomes

[PART 4 OF 7: NEXT · PREVIOUS] Notwithstanding the positive Reservist’s recommendations to enter into negotiations with the Palestinians, neither the Arabs nor the Jews were politically or psychologically prepared to entertain the idea. Neither King Hussein nor the Fatah section within the PLO would consider the idea. – Arafat singled it out for vitriolic

3. Six-Day War Aftermath

[PART 3 OF 7: NEXT · PREVIOUS] Apart from the euphoria which victory brought to the Israelis and defeat causing depression, loss of prestige and honor to the Arabs, the War enabled the once separated populations to create some degree of contact, commercially if not politically or socially. Jews from West Jerusalem visited the Western

2. UN Inaction Plays Into Hands of Soviets While Jordan is Warned to Avoid Involvement

[PART 2 OF 7: NEXT · PREVIOUS] Notwithstanding Israeli pleas to the United Nations for two weeks prior to June 6 1967, the international body, charged with safeguarding world peace, failed to take any positive action in Israel’s defense. Neither did the maritime nations attempt to challenge the blockade in accordance with their undertakings under

Historical Documents

Statement by President Nasser to Arab Trade Unionists 26th May 1967 Statement to the UN Security Council by Israel’s Foreign Minister Eban, 6 June 1967 CIA Analysis of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War – First page of the draft of the “special estimate” that predicted the outcome of the war. (National Archives and Records Administration) Withdrawal